Childbirth Education Class

ACHI Childbirth Education Class

The most in-depth classes available anywhere. Be informed and in control over your birth.

Below are the topics of the ACHI Childbirth preparation classes. These are the most complete and exellent technical classes available today. They are strongly geared for any couple planning an alternative birth.

1. Pros and Cons of Home, Hospital and Birth Center
(How to choose the right setting and your Rights as a maternity patient.)

Real Choices, Real Options, Real Control

  • Choosing the right hospital, doctor, or midwife
  • What about the rise in cesarean sections?
  • Alternative childbirth: birth center, water birth, home birth, professional labor coaches and doulas

Your Rights as a Patient

  • Managing your managed care
  • Your rights as a patient

2. Prerequisites of Safe Childbirth
(How to create and maintain a low risk pregnancy; the importance of prenatal care; protecting your baby before birth)

Keeping Your Baby Safe Before and During Birth

  • Test and technology in prenatal care and labor; when is it too much?
  • Effects of medication on labor, your baby and yourself
  • Nutritional breakthroughs & new frontiers
  • Taking care of your baby
  • Fetal surveillance in pregnancy and labor

3. Normal Labor
(Anatomy & physiology, what to expect in labor)

Labor and Delivery

  • The role of the labor coach
  • Physiology of labor
  • Pain relief new technologies and new strategies
  • Relaxation & breathing techniques

4. Psychological Issues
(Teaches coping with pain, fear and changing emotions in pregnancy; children at birth)

Handling the Emotional Roller Coaster of Pregnancy

  • Yourself, your relationships
  • Handling fear, pain and other negative emotions

5. Medical Consideration
(Difficulties which may arise and what needs to be done)

6. Coaching
(Practical approaches; the coach’s role; breathing techniques and many other tools for dealing with pain in labor)

7. Pediatrics
(Nursing, newborn pediatrics and decisions)

Your Baby and Your Pediatrician

  • After birth what?
  • Immunizations?
  • The new born exam
  • CPR
  • Breast-feeding
  • Managing post partum
  • Resumption of fertility

8. Post Partum
(Care for the mother, establishing breast-feeding, adjusting and contraception

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