Childbirth Education Program for Parents

New series, every Thursday night. Call (818) 887-7723 for registration.

Midwifery Preparatory Program

Sponsored by ACHI – 12 Week intensive midwifery program to enhance the practice, knowledge, and skills of the practicing midwife. Call (818) 887-7723 for the next scheduled program.

Breast Feeding Class

Reduce Anxiety about Breastfeeding and Allow Breastfeeding to be a Natural & Bonding Experience…
– Technique
– Comfort
– Benefit for Baby & Mother
One-session Class hosted by the Natural Birth & Women’s Center. This Class is only $50.00

One Day Childbirth Class Intensive

Call for next scheduled class: (818) 887-7723

Advanced Doula and Midwife Assistant Training

Now Accepting Applications for the next session!

Here is your opportunity to earn a good living and empower women during childbirth! Doula training is ongoing.

The Natural Birth & Women’s Center hosts ACHI Doula Certification Seminars. You must have mostly completed the Doula Training program. Call (818) 887-7723 for the next scheduled seminar or Email Tonya

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