ACHI Classes Success Story

I thought I was Prepared for Anything…

Before taking the ACHI class series, I thought I was prepared for anything. After the first class I realized that there was a lot that I didn’t know.

I learned how harmful drugs could be and the thought of using any type of drug during my labor was never a consideration. In fact, I learned many things that could benefit the life of my beautiful baby girl. The ACHI class instructor gave us instructions for post-partum care, proper nursing techniques and choosing a pediatrician. I am now able to recognize misinformation in other mothers, and feel confident giving them recommendations borrowed directly from my ACHI classes. Since my baby’s daddy took the ACHI classes with me, we were able to discuss and even come into agreement on topics regarding our baby’s life. The classes gave much more than answers. The teacher explained why certain things took place, such as the effects of epidural on baby and mother, so that we would make thorough and informed decisions. Even though my labor turned out to be very long, and my delivery was not entirely easy, because of the new ACHI Class Series, I had this new knowingness that allowed me to have a drug free and wonderfully worthwhile birth experience.


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